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Sbc 2 Piece Timing Cover

Looking for a durable and attractive timing cover? look no further than sb chevy. Our 2 piece timing cover is made of aluminum for durability and looks. This cover includes three pieces that are fully threaded and fit all sb ck models. It also includes a k-hanger for attached flags and lights. This cover is perfect for any sb ck models that need to be.

CVR Timing Cover Seal - Rubber - 2 Piece - Small Block Chevy - Each

CVR Timing Cover Seal - Rubber - 2 Piece - Small Block Chevy - Each

By CVR High Performance Racing Products


Best Sbc 2 Piece Timing Cover

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Top 10 Sbc 2 Piece Timing Cover

The sbc 305 350 383 400 is a truck engine that refers to them as a timing cover. This cover is made of chrome and is located on the front cover. The second cover is made of gaskets and is located on the back cover. The kit includes both covers and is complete. this is a 2 piece timing cover for the sbc chevy cars. It provides protection against keyless ignitions and theft. It is also effective in keeping the chain clean and free of pitting. this 2-piece timing cover is made of stainless steel and is only for use with 2-stroke engines. It is made up of a tough and durable material that will protect your engine parts. The cover is also easy to clean and is perfect forjj engines. this is a 2-piecetiming cover for the sbc style timing chain. The cover includes a made of aluminum for strength and protection and a hard plastic for feminization. This cover is small block style and include's a protecto-grafic sign.